Claudia Michalik

- Fight for your right to BA

"I know what I need to do, but they won't let me". Without doubt, business analysts play a crucial part in every project. With their extensive frameworks and toolkits, they are the backbone of projects and a multi-disciplined enabler for change. However, their role is not always easy. Different stakeholders have different views on what a business analyst should or should not deliver. And often these views change from project to project.

A skilled business analyst knows exactly what they are supposed to do and which techniques are best to use. But what if the stakeholders don’t let them? How can a business analyst fight for their “right” to deliver fit-for-purpose business analysis on a project?

This interactive session highlights situations where a business analyst might face resistance or even conflict when wanting to perform their roles properly. It examines why these situations happen in the first place, what is needed to overcome them and how to defend your role as business analyst in a project.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why your stakeholders think a business analyst might not be needed
  • What to do when your stakeholders don’t let you do your job
  • How to ensure that you are allowed to add value throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Om talaren:

Dr Claudia Michalik is a true advocate of the agile way to business analysis and project management. In her day job, she delivers major transformation programmes in Finance and Technology. She is passionate about improving business analysis capabilities across organisations and she speaks internationally on topics relating to business analysis and agile approaches. Claudia holds masters degrees in Business Economics and Business Science and a PhD in Innovation & Technology from international alma maters.

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